Nokia’s 14 May Surprise Could be a Tablet

Nokia Lumia Event

As you may already know, Nokia has called a press conference for 14 May, at which it will reveal a new Lumia device, or devices. Popular opinion on what Nokia will show us has centered around it being a phone, most likely the Nokia EOS or the Nokia Catwalk. Both of these have been talked about for sometime and, as the company didn’t launch any high-end phones at Mobile World Congress 2013, the timing is about right.

However, a different rumour popped up over the weekend, which dragged up some more, and equally as long-standing Nokia gossip, as it says the firm will finally launch its first Windows tablet at the event. A Nokia tablet has been on the cards for many months, but the project has reportedly been put on hold, then restarted, several times; leaving most thinking it’s pure speculation.

This time, the rumour originates from an unnamed source in India, and states Nokia’s tablet will run Windows RT, and feature a 10.1-inch display with a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. A 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM will supposedly power the device, which could be lighter than the Microsoft Surface.

These specifications are in-line with previous reports, but aren’t all that exciting, and the accompanying picture doesn’t look all that convincing. We’re happy to be proven wrong, but as Windows RT is struggling to find its place in the tablet market, we’re not sure if the Nokia name alone can make its a success.

We’ll find out exactly what Nokia has for us on 14 May.

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