Weekly Web Highlight: Calm


If the past seven days have been a slog and the dread is starting to build at the prospect of doing it all over again then you need our latest Weekly Web Highlight, which offers a much needed escape from all of life’s strains and stresses.

This week we bring you Calm, a weird and wonderful site that for two, 10 or 20 minutes offers guided relaxation therapy for anyone on the brink of a break-down, instantly transporting them to a space of tranquillity.

The site is really easy to use – simply pop your headphones in, select your desired on screen setting, sit back and follow the soothing instructions to be guided to a composed state of mind.

Users can choose from a range of relaxing videos from gently crashing waves to wind rippling through wheat filled fields, and the fact it does little more than that is exactly what makes this site so effective.

Offering a therapeutic escape from your hectic schedule Calm does actually work, and even after just two minutes you’ll start to feel the benefits and begin to clear your headspace.

Ok, so you might not feel completely rejuvenated, but if you’re feeling a little weary then this could be the perfect pick-me-up to get you focussed and back on track.

In a nutshell, if you’re someone who frequently tends to get hot under the collar, or you simply have the desire to spend 20 minutes of your Monday away from the hustle and bustle of the office then Calm is definitely worth a try.

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