New Lumia Hardware Coming on May 14


Nokia has sent out an invitation to the press regarding an event to be held on 14 May, where it will reveal some new hardware. The invitation has the words, “See What’s Next” written on the left (but almost obscured by the pattern), and, “The Nokia Lumia Story Continues” on the right. The event will be held in London.

It’s obvious then, we’re going to see some new Windows Phone hardware from the company, although exactly what and how many new phones isn’t clear. There have been several rumours flying around recently. First is talk of the Nokia Catwalk, a slimmer and lighter version of the Lumia 920, but this would be arriving a very short time into the Lumia 920′s life, so we see this as a little unlikely.

The second possibility is a better bet. It’s the Nokia EOS, the codename for what many believe will be the first Windows Phone with a full-on PureView camera attached. That’s the 41 megapixel camera previously seen on the 808 PureView, and not the 8.7 megapixel camera fitted to the Lumia 920.

As Nokia used Mobile World Congress to launch a pair of low and mid-range Lumia phones, it makes sense this event will be for upper-range hardware. Will it only be for one of the above phones, or has Nokia also got something we’ve not heard anything about? We like surprises, so we’re hoping for the latter, but would love to see the EOS released too. We’ll find out everything on 14 May.

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