Microsoft Launching App to Help Users Transfer from Android


Microsoft is reported to have developed an app that will help to ease the transition for anyone switching from an Android device to one running Windows Phone 8.

According to IT business website CITE World, the software giant will soon launch the Switch to Windows Phone app, which will run on Android devices. The app will be able to scan a user’s current software selection and upload details of which apps they are using to a SkyDrive account.

A user can then log in to the same account on a WP8 handset and see their Android app selection. Switch to Windows Phone will then download corresponding apps that exist within the WP ecosystem or suggest alternatives for those that aren’t supported.

Considering the difference in the number of apps available for the two platforms (120,000 for WP8 compared to Android’s 800,000) we imagine there will be quite a few instances when alternative apps have to be offered to users, ones which may not fully mirror the features that their Android equivalents can boast.

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