Apple to Introduce New Products This Year


Apple held its quarterly earnings call yesterday, and in amongst all the financial news, CEO Tim Cook talked briefly about the company’s plans for the year to come. Apparently, this year Apple could bring us products in, “exciting new product categories,” and that the firm has, “some really great stuff coming in the fall and across 2014.”

The key word in Cook’s first statement is, “new,” so we shouldn’t expect revised versions of existing products. This instantly brings to mind the rumours concerning the iWatch – likely to be one of this year’s biggest new tech products, provided all the companies rumoured to be working on one actually are – and the similarly unofficial Apple television. There’s also the chance it’s working on something really new, and we’ve yet to hear anything about it at all.

However, it’s not all good news, as the time period for all Apple’s new products is fall – that’s autumn to you and me – and next year. This means we’re unlikely to see anything new from Apple before the summer. There have been rumours of the iPhone 5S being announced at WWDC, but this now seems even more improbable, plus Cook’s statement fits in with recent reports the next iPad wouldn’t enter production until September at the earliest.

In other news from the earnings call, Apple revealed it has sold 37.4 million iPhone devices, 19.5 million iPad tablets, and 5.6 million iPod music players over the last quarter. Additionally, iCloud, its online storage service, now has 300 million users and Apple will be adding more features to it in the near future. We can expect more details on this, and iOS 7, at WWDC, the final dates of which have yet to be confirmed.

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