HTC One Faces Further Set-Back After Court Awards Injunction


A Dutch court has awarded Nokia an injunction against the HTC One which could see the recently launched flagship removed from sale across Europe.

The Amsterdam District Court supported Nokia’s claim that it holds exclusive rights to specific microphone technology, finding HTC guilty of infringing the Finnish smartphone giant’s patents by including the tech in the HTC One.

Nokia released a statement to the press in which it reiterated that the HDR technology is ‘developed exclusively for Nokia products’ and that HTC’s use of it is unauthorised.

“‘This is one of the latest in a number of cases brought by Nokia to end HTC’s unauthorized use of Nokia’s inventions. More than 40 Nokia patents have been asserted against HTC in Germany, the US and the UK.”

The injunction prevents the sale of the microphone components in question to HTC and will remain in place until March 2014. However, Nokia is yet to request that HTC One sales are banned in Holland.

A HTC statement said: “HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately.”

It is unclear as to whether HTC will appeal the court ruling, although it’s official comment suggests that a challenge looks unlikely. Whether prohibiting the use of the component will have any adverse effects on HTC’s production schedule for the device is also shrouded in mystery, however, given that the flagship has already suffered delays due to supply chain issues it’s safe to assume that HTC will be making contingency plans to prevent a repeat of the situation.

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