Google Glass Features Revealed


Google’s Project Glass could turn out to be the ultimate accessory for your smartphone when it’s eventually released, but us ordinary folk won’t have a chance to find out until Google provides us with a release date.

The lucky few developers who pre-ordered Google Glass at Google I/O last year are just about to take delivery of the pre-release versions, and to coincide with this, the specifications of the glasses have been published.

At this time, there are no lenses in Google Glass, but the frames can be adjusted to fit any face, and the pack will contain different sized nosepads for the best fit. Also in the box is a micro USB cable and charger, which Google says has been specially designed for use with Glass.

The all-important display, which is projected in front of your eye, will be like watching a 25-inch TV from eight feet away, and although a resolution isn’t really applicable, it’s said to be, “high definition.” Google Glass’ other main feature is the camera, which has 5 megapixels, and it can shoot video in 720p. There is 16GB of storage space, but only 12GB will be usable, plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a special “Bone conduction transducer” audio system which uses your skull to transmit sound to your inner ear.

Under normal use, and without taking too much video, the battery inside Glass is expected to last a day. If you’re like us and can’t wait to find out more about Google Glass, then keep a close eye on the proceedings at Google I/O, which starts on 15 May.

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