Samsung Galaxy S4: A Photographer’s Dream Phone

S4 Rear Camera Close

These days, smartphone manufacturers try to please every type of customer, but with the new Galaxy S4 we feel that Samsung has really catered for the photographers out there – from the beginner through to the pro.

The Korean company has really stepped its game up in the camera department with its new flagship Android model, opting to bring in new image sensors, a more powerful processor and a whole raft of new features and shooting modes.

S4 Rear Camera


Samsung has upgraded both camera sensors, with a 13 megapixel sensor on the back and a 2 megapixel one up front. Both are capable of capturing Full HD video, even at the same time, as well as stunning still images. The rear camera features a low aperture lens and large image sensor, meaning that  great shots can be achieved even in low light conditions (without the flash being a necessity).

You’ve also got either a quad or octa-core processor inside – depending on which region you’re in – which gives the phone an incredible amount of power when it comes to the camera. With this much raw power under the hood the phone is capable of capturing 100 frames in just 4 seconds when using the burst fire mode, which is just incredible. It’ll also process HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Panoramic images at blistering speed, so you’re never left waiting long to see your snaps.

Galaxy S4 Camera Modes

Shooting Modes

Within the camera app there’s a shooting mode for almost every occasion. Watching live sports? Use Drama mode to fire off a burst of shots which will then be stitched together to create the perfect action pic. Want the perfect picture of your friends under a starry summer night sky? Switch to night mode and the camera will automatically adjust the aperture and shutter speed to take the perfect low light shot, without the need for the flash (potentially making everything look blown out).

Our favourite mode however has to be Eraser. In Eraser mode, those people who aimlessly walk through your shot can be banished. The Galaxy S4 detects moving objects in the frame of a shot as it snaps a picture and highlights them afterwards. From there a single tap removes a person, animal or even vehicle completely, leaving only the subject.

Galaxy S4 eraser mode


Of course, there’s no point in taking stunning pictures if you have a small and poor quality screen to view them back on. Thankfully, the 5-inch super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S4 really does pictures justice, with a Full HD resolution bringing out every little detail in your snaps. You’ve got a screen that’s plenty big enough to zoom and pan around your images to check out the finer details, and the colours in each shot are vibrant and well represented thanks to the type of screen used by Samsung.

Compared to smartphones past, the Full HD display on the S4 is in another Galaxy altogether. It’s bigger, brighter, sharper and more vivid than anything else before it, which will really bring your photos to life.

HTC might be moving away from the megapixel race with the new ‘UltraPixel’ camera in its new One smartphone and Nokia may be considered the smartphone camera king, but both had better make way for the Galaxy S4, which is a serious contender in the camera phone stakes.

This guest post was written by David West of Gadget Helpline, the UK’s leading technical support group.

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