Top Ways to Protect Your Smartphone from Damage

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Scratches, cracks and dents are common on smartphones that have been well used for some time, leaving otherwise well-designed and good-looking handsets appearing a bit tired and old.

So what are the best ways to avoid this kind of everyday damage and keep your device in box-fresh, tip-top condition? Here we take a look at the best ways to protect your smartphone from the rigours of everyday use.

Screen protector

While many handsets now have displays covered with Gorilla Glass or other protective materials, it can be worth getting that extra layer on top just to make sure your device remains free of scratches. Some screen protectors can also help to reduce reflections, improving the visual performance of the device.

Getting a tiny scratch on your screen can have a really detrimental effect on how good your device feels to use, obscuring visual elements and making text difficult to read. While there are certainly issues with air bubbles getting caught under screen protectors, they do serve a purpose and protect your phone well.

Phone Damage Screen Protector


In the same way that a screen protector gives your phone that added element of defence against damage, a case can help to avoid scratches and dents from everyday use. You may not want to obscure the brilliant form factor of your latest high-end smartphone but damaging its shell will make it look a lot worse than any case ever could.

There are countless products to choose from and a myriad of designs, with a multitude of variants that protect that handset in different ways. You can even get funny ones that make your phone look like an old, Wall Street-style brick from the eighties. Although we’re not sure why you’d want to.

Phone Damage Wall Street


While most high-end smartphones now feature form factors that have unbroken body shells without holes for attaching tags there are still products available that attach to the phone in other ways. The Highline is one example; a flexible cord which locks into the dock connector of an older iPhone and can be attached to your wrist or belt.

Should you drop the handset, the cord will save it from hitting the floor and getting damaged and it should also serve as a pretty effective anti-theft device too, stopping anyone from running off with your smartphone if they try to snatch it from your hand.

Phone Damage Strap

Don’t drop it

Put simply, take care of your handset and be aware of what you are doing with it. Even a device that’s a few years old can still be worth hundreds of pounds and damaging it can cost you dearly as well as making your smartphone a little bit less fun to use.

Don’t throw it around, have a look at where you’re putting it down and keep a firm grip on it whenever you have it in your hand. The Guinness Book of World Records currently lists the Sonim XP3300 as the world’s toughest phone, with the device having survived a drop of 25m onto concrete when tested in 2011, but it’s unlikely that your brand new HTC One or iPhone 5 will still be working after such a fall. You can take a look at the video of the record breaking drop below and just hope this never happens to your own handset.

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