LG Wants to be First with Flexible Display Smartphones


Although Samsung teased its Youm concept phone with a flexible screen during CES 2013, we’re still waiting for the arrival of a device we can actually buy that uses the technology. Samsung has attempted to keep expectations in check by saying its concept probably wouldn’t go on sale this year, but rival LG refuses to give up.

According to the Korea Times, an LG representative has done exactly the opposite, and told the publication it intends to be first to market with a flexible screen phone. The article documents LG’s and Samsung’s battle over display tech, and closes with the news the company has partnered with Korea’s finance ministry (presumably for funding) and, “aims to ship its first batch of flexible displays later this year,” a move which it hopes will see it beat Samsung.

Before you get too excited, the first flexy screen phones won’t be all bendy, due to the lack of similarly flexible internal components, but instead offer almost indestructible screens. This news follows a similar story from mid-2012, when LG was rumoured to have splashed out more than £100 million on a new display factory, and hoped to have flexible screens out before the summer this year.

Obviously this hasn’t quite worked out, but if the new report is accurate, it doesn’t sound like LG will be far off meeting its goal. So what phone will mark the debut of the flexy screen? The Optimus G2? Another Nexus phone? Or a new version of the big-screen Optimus G Pro? We could find out later in 2013.

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