Galaxy S4 Captures Imagination of Consumers More So Than Rival Flagships

Poll Galaxy S4

Samsung has reportedly put a production schedule into place that will see 10 million Galaxy S4 handsets being made each month in anticipation of the enormous demand for the flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S4 has generated a level of excitement that in the past has only really been seen surrounding the launch of a new iPhone iteration.

A Dialaphone poll indicates that our readers are keeping up this trend, with the Galaxy S4 being voted the most appealing of a list of three Android flagships which also included the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

Each of the other devices launched recently and has received excellent reviews. Both have an impressive set of features and have outstanding HD displays which push the boundaries of what smartphones can offer in terms of visual performance.

However, neither HTC nor Sony’s flagships are expected to reach the kind of sales figures that are predicted for the Galaxy S4. HTC recently had to announce a significant drop in its profits, likely caused by supply problems in the manufacturing chain of the HTC One, a factor which will no doubt affect the sales of the device in the long run.

HTC One Front Edge

The Xperia Z seems to be faring a little better in its first few months on sale, with reports of the device selling out in several markets including Japan and Germany as soon as it hit the shelves. However, figures such as this should always be taken with a pinch of salt; it’s easy for a device to sell out if very few of them are actually supplied in the first place.

Why is it that great handsets such as these are not likely to achieve the same figures that the Galaxy S4 probably will? The answer no doubt lies in the enormous amount of marketing spend Samsung is dedicating to promoting its flagship device and making potential customers aware of its brand.

According to advertising analysts Kantar Media, the Korean manufacturer is set to spend $150m on worldwide marketing for the Galaxy S4 this year, compared to the $108m spent by Apple on the iPhone 5.

That sort of money buys a lot of advertising and helps to make people aware of the new product. The firm’s handsets are so well known that the Galaxy brand is widely believed to have become more prominent than the Android software which the devices run and there are apocryphal stories about consumers going into mobile phone stores and asking for a Galaxy device rather than one that features Google’s mobile platform.

Facebook Home

Another alarming figure has emerged in relation to the Galaxy S4 and the newly announced Facebook Home software which acts as a skin to the Android OS. Social media monitoring firm Synthesio found that in the immediate aftermath of the launch of the new social media platform, the subject generated 57,000 online conversations. In contrast, the Galaxy S4’s unveiling was followed by 323,000 virtual conversations.

So a huge buzz has been created around the Galaxy S4, no doubt one that has been carefully and brilliantly managed by Samsung’s marketing department. Nevertheless, this buzz will likely result in the handset selling by the tens of millions and breaking sales records across the world. Sony and HTC’s efforts are certainly commendable but it is now very true that building a good handset is not enough in itself to guarantee impressive sales figures.

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