Rumour Suggests July Launch for iPhone 5S


Japanese tech website Macotakara has quoted reliable, but anonymous sources as saying we’ll be seeing the launch of the next iPhone this July, with a release coming in August. It refers to the next phone as the iPhone 5S, which fits in with Apple’s existing naming system, along with previous rumours on the subject.

Unlike the iPhone 5 and most models which came before it, the iPhone 5S’s colour range will be expanded from the usual black or white models to include up to five others, although it’s not stated which ones. Apple has usually kept a multi-colour option for the iPod Touch and Nano only, with the current models being available in everything from green to silver.

The report also says the iPhone 5S will be joined by a low-cost iPhone model. Such a device has been talked about for some time, and seen as a way for Apple to increase its presence in emerging markets, where the standard iPhone is considered too expensive. The budget model will also come in a variety of colours.

As for the specification of the iPhone 5S, Apple traditionally upgrades only key aspects of the existing phone, such as the processor and the camera, leaving other components alone until the next major refresh. Rumours have also spread regarding the introduction of a fingerprint scanner.

A mid-summer iPhone announcement hasn’t been seen for several years, with Apple switching to a September/October schedule instead. Perhaps it’s feeling the heat with the introduction of the Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z, and has decided to update the iPhone 5 sooner rather than later. We’ll find out in a few months time.

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