Weekly Web Highlight: Mustang Wanted

Mustang Wanted

Mustang Wanted is the (presumably) assumed name of a Ukrainian man who has become a minor internet celebrity due to his incredible feats that involve climbing tall buildings unaided and, well, just hanging over the side of them.

This does sound reckless, and it is, but the photos and videos of Mustang’s escapades are absolutely incredible and sometimes even uncomfortable to look at. His website, which is still partly under construction, already contains several images that see him having scaled skyscrapers and apartment blocks without any safety ropes, tipping himself over the edge of them and hanging by his fingertips, just one slip away from certain death.

In the same way that free running used non-descript urban landscapes to perform amazing feats of acrobatics, what Mustang does could make us look at otherwise bland tower blocks and bridges differently, as if they were mountain ranges to be scaled by climbers. There’s also something about it that reminds us of Felix Baumgartner’s high-altitude jump of last year where the Austrian daredevil set a free-fall speed record that could be broken should Mustang ever lose his grip.

Overall though, we are just amazed at the photos of what it is that the quite possibly unhinged climber spends his time doing. It’s rare that you ever experience vertigo while sat at a desk in an office but a few clicks on this website can leave you feeling as if you are dangling precariously over the edge of a fifty-storey drop, something that Mustang Wanted often does for real.

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