Apple Brings in More Engineers to Work on Redesigned iOS 7


Apple is hard at work on the next version of iOS, which has traditionally been revealed during its Worldwide Developer Conference, usually scheduled for sometime in June. This year probably won’t be any different, but if a report published on well-known, Apple-centric website Daring Fireball is correct, it’s having to draft in more staff to make sure it’ll be ready to reveal on the big day.

Apparently, engineers busily putting together the next revision of Mac OS X have been brought over to the iOS team, where Apple’s designer Jony Ive has made some changes which have required extra work to implement. Ive took on some responsibility for the user interface following the departure of Scott Forstall, and his dislike of iOS’s real-life elements – such as pages that look like paper – is well documented.

These elements could disappear in the next version of iOS, resulting in a cleaner look that runs throughout the operating system. It’s already being tested in the wild, and to make sure prying eyes don’t get a sneak peak, iPhones being carried by staff have special filters which make the screens difficult to view at an angle.

This all fits in with news we heard last month, where an anonymous developer called the new iOS, “Starker and simpler,” than before, although we were warned not to expect any dramatic changes elsewhere. We’re still waiting for Apple to announce the dates for this year’s WWDC conference, but once we do, we’ll get a better idea of when we’ll see the new-look iOS in action.

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