EE is First to Announce UK Release Date for the Galaxy S4


Yesterday, T-Mobile in the USA confirmed it would be launching the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its new 4G LTE network on 1 May, an earlier date than many expected. At the time, UK networks were still asking anyone interested in buying the Galaxy S4 to register and wait for further details.

EE has now changed all that with its own announcement, saying it will have the Galaxy S4 ready for sale on 26 April, and that as promised it’ll connect to its 4G LTE network. EE’s Paul Jevons, director of products and devices, is excited about its arrival. “When paired with our unique superfast 4G network, customers really will be able to make the most from the powerhouse performance the Galaxy S4 provides,” he said.

Heading over to EE’s website reveals the Galaxy S4′s tariff plans with 4G, and it’s no surprise to find they’re not cheap. It’s self proclaimed, “Best Value” tariff sees the phone cost £80 with a two-year contract at £41 per month, for 1GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. If you want more data, the phone gets cheaper, but a 5GB allowance costs £51 per month.

Only the 16GB version is available, but in either black or white, plus it apparently comes with an accessory pack kit. It’s not clear what this contains, but if it’s anything like the S III’s pack, it’ll have a case or two, a desktop charger and an extra battery.

Now we have to wait and see when EE’s rivals plan to bring the Galaxy S4 out. At the moment, the network can only say it’s 4G ready – as Vodafone is already doing – as the wait for 4G competition in the UK continues.

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