HTC Could be Planning Butterfly II


The HTC Butterfly is the one that got away, as the original HTC device with a Full HD screen never made it to the UK, despite indications it would eventually do so, and rumours which eventually morphed into the HTC One. While the One is technically more impressive than the Butterfly, we still can’t help feeling a little disappointed the Butterfly – or one of its variants like the Droid DNA - never arrived on these shores.

The phone has done well elsewhere in the world, and according to Engadget, it usurped the iPhone 5 as Japanese network KDDI’s top selling smartphone. Its success has prompted HTC’s recently appointed chief marketing officer Benjamin Ho to say HTC s considering producing a successor, and that it would continue using the Butterfly name.

HTC has long been a fan of using the same name on subsequent generations of hardware, with Desire, Wildfire and Evo being reused on several different phones, so to see a Butterfly II wouldn’t be much of a surprise. As for the specification, Ho doesn’t elaborate, but an increase in size of the 5-inch, 1080p screen seems possible, as does another quad-core processor and perhaps the introduction of the One’s UltraPixel camera. We’re only guessing though, as the device is still far from being official.

The HTC J Butterfly was first announced in October last year, so we shouldn’t expect any news on a potential follow-up until after the summer.

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