EE Rolls Out 4G Network to 10 More Locations

4G Handset

EE has today announced that it is rolling out its 4G network to an additional 10 towns and cities across the country.

Smartphone users in Bradford, Doncaster, Dudley, Leicester, Luton, Reading, St Albans, West Bromwich, Lichfield, and Loughborough will all now be able to experience the fast speeds that 4G brings.

When EE launched its 4G LTE service in the UK late last year it offered coverage in just 11 locations, bringing users a data speed that is around five times faster than 3G.

Its service is now available in 37 towns and cities, a figure which is expected to increase to at least 72 by the end of summer 2013, meaning well over half of the UK population will have access to 4GEE.

At the moment, EE is still the only choice for customers in the UK who want a 4G connection, but since acquiring its ample 1800MHz spectrum the firm has been at the brunt of a raft of criticism regarding the pricing of its data plans.

Since then the firm has extended its service to a number of locations and looks to capitalise on the lack of competitors even further with this next roll-out.

However, it won’t be long before EE is facing stiff competition from the likes of Vodafone, Three and O2, which all won parts of the spectrum during Ofcom’s 4G spectrum auction earlier this year.

Three has also recently announced that it won’t roll out its 4G service until later this year after the other major networks have launched their services. Dave Dyson, CEO of Three said he was “fairly relaxed” about holding off as the firm is keen to see how things pan out with its competitors.

The Three network is also the first provider to confirm that it won’t be charging extra for its 4G service, a move that is bound to tempt potential customers to wait until later in the year to experience the faster speeds.

To take advantage of 4G users will need a 4G-enabled handset and many of the leading smartphones including the Sony Xperia Z and iPhone 5 will all be available on EE as well as the other networks when they launch their services throughout the year.

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