LG Joins Samsung, Apple and Google in Race to Produce a Smartwatch


Companies normally associated with smartphones seem to be convinced the next must-have product will be a watch which connects to your phone using Bluetooth; a device most commonly referred to as a smartwatch. It’s not a new concept, but so far nobody has got the formula right. However, if anyone can make a successful smartwatch, it’s one of these players.

Apple has been associated with a smartwatch after a patent for such a device was discovered, but this doesn’t automatically mean it’s in the process of making one. Then along came Samsung, where an executive at the Galaxy S4 launch confirmed it had been working on a watch which would connect with a phone for some time.

Google is now also linked with a smartwatch too, a rumour which has popped up in almost the same way as it did with Apple, as a patent indicates the company has at least considered making a watch.

Now, it’s LG’s turn, after a report in the Korea Times says it’s also working hard on an, “innovative smart product,” and it’ll either be running Google Android or Firefox OS. There’s no indication when or even if LG’s watch will be released, but if one of LG’s competitors does release one, you can bet LG won’t be far behind.

In a recent Dialaphone poll, the reception to a smartwatch was mixed, with the onsite results less positive about wearing one than those from our Facebook page. One thing’s for sure, a modern smartwatch is going to need a very special feature set to entice the majority of people back into wearing a watch on a daily basis.

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