Weekly Web Highlight:Thisissand


There’s nothing better than entertaining yourself with a meaningless website to pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and to save you the hassle of searching for said distraction we’ve decided to bring you Thisissand, our latest Weekly Web Highlight.

Thisissand transforms your computer or mobile display into an interactive digital sandbox, changing the pixels on your screen into grains of sand which can then be manipulated to create pieces of art just as many of us would have done with the sandboxes at the fair when we were younger.

To start compiling your creation, simply tap the display or double click the mouse to start dropping sand on to the blank onscreen canvas.

Moving the mouse will change the way the sand falls, and there’s also the option to alter colours and gradients to really mix things up.  Another double click or tap will leave the sand to fall of its own accord, which is equally as addictive and hypnotic as creating your own artwork.

This interactive digital sandbox provides a space where users can create almost anything from two-dimensional cosmic landscapes to psychedelic patterns. There’s even a gallery packed with more than half a million abstract and expressive pieces which you can peruse to check out the competition.

If you’re not happy with your masterpiece simply smooth it out by refreshing the page and start over again, then once your design is complete it can be submitted to the gallery, printed out or shared amongst friends.

The website has become so popular it’s been transformed into an app which can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store, meaning you can lose yourself in the calming world of Thisissand whenever things start to get a bit too much, no matter where you are.

Be warned though, if you’ve got this clever little site at your fingertips you may, like us, find it difficult to wean yourself away to focus on some of the more important tasks in your everyday life.

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