Next Version of iOS said to be “Starker and Simpler” under Ive’s Supervision

Jony Ive

Ever since Apple moved its management team around, shifting Jony Ive into a new position as head of the Human Interface department, Apple fans have been looking forward to see how future versions of iOS will alter under his supervision. Following an article in The Wall Street Journal, we could have our first clue.

No names are mentioned in the piece, but according to the WSJ‘s sources, Ive is trying to bring a, “Starker and simpler,” design to iOS. These alterations won’t extend much beyond the visual, and changes to the user interface are being described as, “conservative,” so we shouldn’t expect iOS to get a complete overhaul just yet.

Jony Ive is best known for his gorgeous hardware creations, so it’s going to be fascinating to see what he comes up with on the software side. Speculation has so far revolved around him cutting down on Apple’s obsession with making its apps look like their real-life counterparts – Notes looking like a real legal pad for example. The article also suggests the Mac and iOS teams will be working closer together, and shared software such as the calendar will possibly also share a similar design.

As for when we’ll see the first examples of his work, it could be as soon as Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which is traditionally held around June. It’s at this event where the next version of iOS has been introduced over the past couple of years, ready to be launched on the new iPhone released in the autumn. This year it’s iOS 7, and as iOS is almost the same as it was when it made its debut, a refresh – no matter how minor – would be most welcome.

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