iPhone Security Improvements Arrive in Newly Released iOS 6.1.3


Apple released iOS 6.1 at the end of January, which added a few minor features such as Siri updates, individual downloads from iTunes Match and most importantly, 4G LTE support for 36 networks around the world including EE in the UK. Since iOS 6.1′s arrival, Apple has released two further point releases - iOS 6.1.1 and iOS 6.1.2. Neither added any new features, but both cured various bugs and performance issues – primarily around the battery life and 3G connectivity.

However, in iOS 6.1.2 a bug which allowed the iPhone’s lock screen to be avoided wasn’t fixed, so we knew another version of the OS was in the works, and it was just a matter of when it would arrive. We got our answer last night, as iOS 6.1.3 was released to cure exactly that problem.

It fixes several bugs which can allow your phone’s passcode to be bypassed, thus giving someone access to your data. A range of other security fixes have been included, and Apple has credited their discovery to the “evad3rs” team, who’re responsible for the most recent iPhone jailbreak program.

Ironically, iOS 6.1.3 closes the loopholes the team used to execute its jailbreak, so if you’ve used it on your iPhone it would be wise to avoid this update if you want to keep it. Otherwise, everyone else can download the update through iTunes (but this will mean a massive file and a long wait), or use the iPhone’s over-the-air update for a faster fix. It’s applicable to all iPhone models after the 3GS and all iPad tablets after the iPad 2.

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