Windows Phone 7.8 Roll-Out Back on Track


Following a stop to he upgrades process for users of the older versions of Windows Phone, the roll-out is now back on course and set to continue apace.

Last month, Windows Phone-centric website WMPowerUser reported that the upgrades process had ground to a halt, gleaning the information not from Microsoft itself but from the German arm of Vodafone.

While there has been no official announcement it is once again WMPowerUser that has spotted that the process has started up again. The Windows Phone 7.10.8860.142 software is now being made available for download and although the roll-out appears to be gradual, users in the Netherlands and Denmark are reported to have received it already.

The new upgrade is said to have fixed issues that emerged with the Live Tiles in WP7.8, with instances of excessive data consumption and problems with refreshing reported. Resizeable tiles are also brought to users of older devices by the software patch, a feature echoing one of the major innovations which came with Windows Phone 8.

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