Weekly Web Highlight: Silk


Once again the weekend has flown by, but before you start thinking about another hectic five days at work, take a moment to check out this Sunday’s mesmerising Weekly Web Highlight, which comes in the form of Silk.

Silk is an ‘online experimental generative artwork’ that lets visitors to the site weave silk-like patterns simply by clicking and dragging their mouse across the screen.

Each of the patterns is mathematically generated and can be pretty difficult to control – there’s no chance to go back and erase a shape, you just have to keep moving where the pixels take you.

With each new click of the mouse even the simplest of shapes will disperse in different directions, producing an ethereal quality that makes the final image even more unique.

The site has recently been given a makeover and the latest version  is even more magical, bringing new functions which allow the selection of different symmetry styles and a wider range of colours. In just a few seconds a weird and wonderful masterpiece will start to form in front of your very eyes.

Once the creation is complete it can be shared via social networking sites, emailed to friends, or if you want to get your creative juices really flowing, the image can simply be erased giving you a fresh screen to start all over again.

The site, created by Yuri Vishnevsky, proved so popular the first time round that it was transformed into an iPad app, in which your finger becomes the mouse and really creates the feeling that you’re penning your own designs.

If you’ve never experienced Silk it’s definitely worth a try and we guarantee it’ll help put a lid on those looming Monday morning blues.

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