Samsung Galaxy S IV Comparison: iPhone 5, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and BlackBerry Z10

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As you may have heard, Samsung has unveiled its flagship handset, the Galaxy S4, at a high-profile event in New York last night. Doubtless one of the biggest handset launches of the year, the smartphone is set to sell by the million and could even break the records set by its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. If you want to register your interest in Samsung’s flagship device you can sign up with Dialaphone by heading over to our registration page.

The handset features leading, high-end specs such as an incredibly powerful, octa-core processor and 5-inch super AMOLED display along with new features including Smart Scroll which uses eye-tracking technology that allows the device to understand what you’re looking at and make adjustments accordingly.

But how does it compare to the current crop of high-end smartphones? We’ve drawn up a table of specs and details comparing Samsung’s flagship to the iPhone 5, the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z and the BlackBerry Z10 so you can take a quick glance at what’s going on at the very top of the smartphone world.


The Galaxy S4’s octa-core processor in particular is an industry-leading innovation and the 5-inch super AMOLED display is in line with the best smartphone screens available at the moment. The fact that Samsung has included a 2600mAh battery is a good thing as there’s little doubt that the screen will place a drain on power that could prove troublesome. What’s the conclusion? Samsung’s flagship is more of an evolution than a revolution with many of the features that were predicted in advance having appeared on the handset that eventually emerged.

Beyond this, Samsung has added several interesting features such as Smart Scroll and Smart Pause that change the way you interact with the device and aren’t equalled by any other handset. It will also be interesting to see how the 13 megapixel camera performs when we have a chance to test it as Samsung’s history in this area is certainly impressive.

What all this comes down to is that the Galaxy S4 is a leading, high-spec handset which, when coupled with the marketing clout that Samsung has, looks to be the tool with which it will keep its position at the very top of the smartphone world. While its specs don’t outclass the competition across the board we have little doubt that Samsung’s flagship will sell by the tens of millions.

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