Smartphone Users Spend Up To 90 Minutes Using Their Handset Each Day

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Recent figures have revealed that smartphone users spend an average of 90 minutes each day on their phones, with much of this time involving web use and apps as opposed to more ‘traditional’ voice calling.

However, results drawn from a poll that has been running on the Dialaphone blog over the last week show that our readers may be spending an above average amount of time on their smartphones each day, with many using their handsets for in excess of three hours.

We also put the same question out on our Facebook page and although the response from that survey was closer to the 90 minute figure there was still a significant minority of people who spent in excess of two hours using their smartphone each day.

The first set of statistics was compiled by and found that the 90 minute period respondents spend using their devices adds up to a total of 23 days each year, a staggering figure when looked at in that context.

So what are people doing during the time they have their phone in their hand? The survey from went into detail and is quite revealing. As we mentioned, web browsing makes up a large portion of time and is now the biggest single use for smartphones. The research shows 24% of those 90 minutes is spent doing this, which equates to just under 23 minutes per day.

This figure is likely to grow in the future too as mobile internet use is on the rise. Last year, market research firm GFK published the results of a survey which found that mobile devices accounted for a total of 23% of internet use, with that figure having stood at 15% the previous year. The convenience and accessibility of smartphones is clearly something which has won the confidence of the public and their use for online browsing will no doubt continue to grow.

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Other significant uses that eat up our time include using apps (15%, although how this is separate to browsing online, which requires a browser app like Google Chrome, isn’t made clear), emails (13%) and photos (6%). Clearly the original purpose of the mobile phone has been surpassed by the other functions that smartphones now offer.

There is little doubt that mobile device are being used more and more in our daily lives, with smartphone use growing across the globe, but it is particularly interesting to see just how much time people spend using those devices rather than just having a figure of how many people actually own them.

Comments left on the poll on our Facebook page indicate that some readers are very heavy users whose phones play a big part in their lives. Kevin McGinley-Power said that his smartphone is “the first and last thing (I) check every single day!”

Damian Markk Halmshaw sounded like one of the most committed users we’ve ever encountered, claiming that he uses his smartphone: “Every minute I’m not sleeping”.

We can only speculate as to why those responding to our polls seem to make even more use of their phones than the average person, but it’s likely that fact that Dialaphone is a mobile-centric website that attracts a tech savvy demographic has something to do with it.

After all, it is probably fair to say that those who have an interest in mobile phone news and reviews of the latest handsets are more likely to make greater use of the handset that they have, something which can be determined both from our figures and from the comments left on our Facebook page.

Either way, it is very interesting to find out just how much people are now using their smartphones and we are certain that this is something that will only increase in the future as the devices become more and more integrated with our daily lives.

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