HTC One Suffers Short Launch Delay


HTC launched the HTC One in mid-February, just a few weeks before Mobile World Congress, and it’s a crucial device for the struggling firm. It’s concerning to hear talk of delays, then, but according to Engadget, HTC has had to push the global release date from March to April.

According to one online retailer, HTC will release the HTC One in the UK on 29 March, while a company representative says it’ll, “start fulfilling pre-orders by the end of March”, then it’ll move onto others during April. While any talk of a delay is problematic, HTC has never provided a firm release date for the One beyond sometime in March, so on one hand this isn’t the terrible news it could be made out to be. On the other hand however, there’s a looming threat HTC would be advised to avoid: The Galaxy S IV.

Samsung will announce the Galaxy S IV this Thursday, and if it’s anything like the Galaxy S III, it’ll be on sale within a month. This means the HTC One will be in direct competition with Samsung’s superstar phone, even more so than it as before.

Still, it’s not the only phone to have suffered from delays following a high profile launch. Google and LG’s problems getting the Nexus 4 into the hands of eager customers has passed into legend, and has only just been resolved, several months after it was released.

Provided the HTC One does arrive at the end of March or very early in April, it shouldn’t harm its chance of success, particularly because it’s a great phone.

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