Amazon’s Rumoured Smartphone Delayed Due to Production Issues


Amazon already has a successful line of eReaders with the Kindle, plus an equally top-selling line of Android tablets in the shape of the Kindle Fire and its various offspring. Along with its extensive collection of online digital content stores, including one dedicated to Android apps, it’s no surprise that rumours of an Amazon phone have circulated in the past.

A Kindle phone was rumoured to arrive at Amazon’s last major event - in early September last year – but it didn’t show up, with the company deciding to release another series of Kindle tablets and a revised Kindle eReader instead. Subsequently, the Amazon smartphone rumours calmed down, although it was hinted the phone would appear in a limited run before the end of 2012.

Obviously, that never happened, and a report by rumour-mongers DigiTimes has given a possible reason why. According to its sources, Amazon’s smartphone is stuck in the testing phase, due to, “issues related to the mobile platform”. It doesn’t expand on these issues, but does say the phone is being produced by the same company that makes the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

The delays appear to have plagued the phone for a while, as the report states Amazon had been planning to put it into mass production by summer 2013, sometime later than was previously rumoured; but this date is unlikely to be met. DigiTimes adds that neither the production company or Amazon have confirmed these rumours.

Whatever the situation, if Amazon is pushing forward with its phone project, it looks like we’ve got a while to wait before it’s made official.

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