Nokia Concerned About Microsoft Building its Own Windows Phone Hardware


When Nokia became Microsoft’s one-and-only dedicated Windows Phone hardware manufacturer, buying a device produced by the company became the closest we could get to owning a true, Microsoft Windows Phone phone. However, despite the obviously close relationship between the two, Microsoft has long been rumoured to be building its very own phone running the mobile version of Windows.

Despite no real proof of such a device, and a positive outlook on the subject in the past; Nokia is getting concerned about the potential impact such a phone would have on its business, to the point where it has made a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on the subject. Unearthed by ZDNet, Nokia directly says it suspects Microsoft of being in the phone-building business, and if such a phone should go on sale, it could be a serious problem for the company.

Nokia fears Microsoft would be liable to favour its own endeavours rather than its hardware partners, should this happen. It’s hardly surprising Nokia feels this way, considering Microsoft built the Surface RT tablet, causing most other manufacturers to shun Windows RT. Of course, Nokia would have no such choice.

The report also covers what would happen should Microsoft abandon Windows Phone entirely. It says, “If Microsoft reduced investment … or discontinues it, our smartphone strategy would be negatively affected by such acts.”

So far, rumours of Microsoft’s Windows Phone have indicated the device has reached the testing stage, but sources were quick to point out there was no indication the phone would ever go on sale. Only time will tell if there is any justification for Nokia’s paranoia.

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