Top Five Ways to Improve Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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All those fantastic new features that are packed into your smartphone are useless if the handset won’t stay switched on long enough for you to use them. Display sizes are increasing and apps now cover many aspects of your life, leaving you wanting to use your phone more and more. All of this puts a massive drain on the power cell hidden within it.

While not every handset can boast a battery like the Motorola RAZR Maxx, many smartphones now feature battery saver features that allow you to customise the handset’s functions so as not to put too much of a drain on the power cell. But if yours doesn’t, or you just want to take a little bit more control over things, read on and take a look at some of the best way to make your handset’s battery last that bit longer.

5. Don’t let it warm up

Cold Phone

Batteries work more efficiently when they are cool, providing more power for longer. Making sure your handset doesn’t get too hot is a simple way of keeping your device running for increased periods and takes very little effort.

We’re not saying you need to put the device in the fridge or anything like that, but think about where you are storing it when it’s not in use. On a desk that’s in direct sunlight would be a bad idea –  keep it tucked away in the shade instead.

4. Dim the display brightness

Battery Brightness

A large, bright display is the biggest drain on your handset’s battery life as  high-specced screens need an enormous amount of power to function.

Simply dimming the display is a trade-off that will pay dividends; your device will not look as good and you won’t get the full benefits of the screen tech, but it will stay running for longer. Maybe just keep that 100% brightness setting for when you know you’ve got a charger nearby.

3. Reduce screen lock time

Battery Screen lock

This suggestion works on the same principle as the one above; the display is the biggest drain on your handset’s battery and the longer it is on the more power it will consume.

Go into your smartphone’s Settings menu and reduce the time it takes the device to lock automatically when not in use. This should have no effect on you while you use the device, after all, if you keep tapping the screen it will stay on. However, a shorter lock time means the display will switch off sooner when left alone, conserving precious power.

2.Disable GPS

Battery GPS

Even when you are not using your smartphone it is communicating with networks of its own accord, constantly giving out updates and keeping its location data refreshed.

Turning off the handset’s GPS can save on power and should not have too much effect on the way you use the handset. Admittedly, location-based reminders will be disabled if the device can’t tell exactly where you are, but this is a small concession that could work out in your favour. If you need to take a look at Google Maps or use navigation apps, simply turn your GPS back on.

1. Turn off 3G when not in use

Battery 3G

Your handset is constantly connected to the cellular network it runs on, continually sending and receiving all kinds of information including location data, cellular signals, and scanning for Wi-Fi networks. Of course, all this requires power, and so disabling those services you don’t need at all times will have benefits.

Turning off 3G will affect some of your phone’s functions (you won’t receive emails or some notifications) so you need to have a good think about whether this is right for you. However, if you’re not expecting anything urgent then turning off 3G will make a massive difference to your handset’s battery life, keeping it running for considerably longer. Just remember to switch it back on every once in a while and check your inbox.

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