Do You Want Instagram on Windows Phone? Then Join Nokia’s New Campaign


Instagram is a love-it-or-hate-it photo sharing app, with legions of dedicated fans and equally as many taking a dislike its low-resolution, filter-enhanced images. There’s no denying it has become an international phenomenon, attracting upwards of 40 million shared pictures every day. Originally an iPhone exclusive, it has since been launched on Android and purchased by Facebook, but a Windows Phone version has yet to be released.

Nokia prides itself on producing devices with impressive cameras and therefore attracts people who love taking amazing pictures, making Instagram a perfect accompaniment to its hardware. It’s understandably frustrated by Instagram‘s absence from the Windows Phone Store, but instead of accepting the situation, it has decided to do something about it.

Meet 2InstaWithLove, a Nokia produced app for Windows Phone which emulates the basic feature set of Instagram, however, this isn’t some cheeky rip-off, but an effort to make Instagram see what it’s missing by not offering a Windows Phone version of its app.

Once downloaded, you can snap pictures and apply the Polaroid-style filters, then share them over Twitter with the hashtag #2InstaWithLove attached. The idea is, Instagram will see all the contributions and realise it’s leaving a huge community out of the fun, and be encouraged to work on a dedicated Windows Phone app.

It’s a really fun and interesting idea, and not one we can think of seeing before. Not only does it get the Finnish manufacturer plenty of publicity, but it’ll bring Nokia’s often excellent camera phones to the forefront too. Of course, the primary goal is to get Instagram on to Windows Phones, so can Instagram ignore Nokia’s efforts, or will it bow to the pressure and announce a Windows version is in the works? Let’s hope for the latter.

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