Android Suffers from Malware Far More Than Other Platforms

Android Malware

A study has found that Android accounted for 79% of malware within smartphone operating systems in 2012 and that malicious software is on the rise

The research by security firm F-Secure found that in the last quarter of the year that figure rose to a staggering 94%, with Google’s mobile platform identified as especially susceptible to attacks by hackers.

The figures found Symbian to be the second biggest victim of malicious software, accounting for 19% of attacks in 2012.

Conversely, Apple’s iOS platform was almost untouched by such worries, with the OS accounting for only 0.7% percent of malware infections during last year.

Much malicious software has targeted emerging markets and reports suggest that Russia has a particular problem with it. Attacks can take a variety of forms but many involve users inadvertently downloading malware apps. The open source nature of Android and its multiple apps suppliers make the platform particularly prone to this.

We recently took a look at ways to keep your smartphone more secure, and the best advice is to be very careful about what you download and to stick to reputable app stores such as Google Play and Amazon.

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