ZTE Partners with Intel and NVIDIA for New Smartphones


ZTE has announced what it’s calling a, “strategic collaboration” with Intel, in which it will build a new series of smartphones based on Intel’s latest processors. The news closely follows another announcement concerning the company, as just before Mobile World Congress, NVIDIA confirmed ZTE would be the first manufacturer to release a phone powered by its new Tegra 4 chip.

The Intel deal concerns the latest Z2580 chip, which made its official début during Mobile World Congress, and is the successor to the Medfield chip which found its way into phones such as the Orange San Diego and the Motorola Razr i last year. ZTE also released a Medfield-based device, named the Grand X IN, and claims its success was enough to drive the firm to continue with Intel.

Intel’s Z2580, also known as the Clover Trail+, is a dual-core processor which can run at speeds up to 2.0GHz, and has three times the graphical ability of the Medfield chip. This should make any associated hardware considerably more attractive than the mid-range phones released last year, and could see Intel gain more market share from ARM.

As for NVIDIA, it confirmed a partnership with ZTE at the end of February, saying the firm would launch the first smartphones using the Tegra 4 processor before the middle of the year. Unfortunately, it’ll do so only in China for a start, but there’s a chance they’ll see an international launch later on in the year too. NVIDIA claims the Tegra 4 is the world’s fastest mobile processor, but as it has yet to appear in any phones, this can’t be put to the test.

With these two big names onboard, we can expect some exciting new devices from ZTE this year.

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