Galaxy S4 May Feature Text Autoscroll Feature says Insider


The Samsung Galaxy S IV is all set to be announced in the next few weeks, and the rumours are flying concerning its possible feature list. A benchmark test has revealed the presence of a 4.99-inch screen with a Full HD resolution, plus despite fears it wouldn’t include such a chip, Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa too.

Now, a Samsung insider has spoken to The New York Times, telling the publication the Galaxy S IV will have a new version of its face tracking software known as Smart Stay. This time, instead of only monitoring when you’re looking at the screen – and stopping it from sleeping – it’ll watch your eyes and auto scroll the page down when you reach the bottom.

Samsung has already registered a patent for just this type of technology, using the name of Eye Scroll, lending weight to the rumour printed by The New York Times. Samsung’s Galaxy S III launch concentrated on the phone’s software feature list and almost completely ignored its specification, and the Samsung insider says it’ll be the same story with the Galaxy S IV.

The Galaxy S IV will be launched on March 14, and to make sure we’re as excited as possible about it, Samsung has released the first of several teaser videos. Unusually, Samsung’s video concentrates on a tween boy named Jeremy Maxwell, who is supposedly the firm’s “secret messenger”, as he gets his first look at the new phone. Even by the mobile industry’s dodgy standards when it comes to promo videos, it’s cringe-worthy stuff.

Luckily for Samsung, it hasn’t dampened our excitement concerning the Galaxy S IV’s arrival.

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