Cheap iPhone and iPhone 5S Rumours Gather as World Waits for Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S IV isn’t the only new, high profile smartphone release we’re expecting this year, as Apple will almost certainly bring out its next iPhone too. Taking previous years into account, the next iPhone will be a subtle upgrade to the iPhone 5, and likely be called the iPhone 5S. An analyst for KGI Securities has given a few predictions on the new device’s feature list, and it includes several interesting additions.

The first is the introduction of a fingerprint scanner, which will be used to securely lock and unlock the phone without having to use a password or lock code. However, rather than it being integrated into the Home button, it may appear below it (despite there not being much space).

A new camera flash unit may be fitted to the iPhone 5S, this time using two LEDs, one of which will be slightly tinted, to help maintain a natural white balance in shots taken at night or in poor lighting conditions. The analyst calls this a SmartFlash, and it could be accompanied by a revised camera sensor. Otherwise, the iPhone 5S may benefit from an improved processor, but the screen size and design are expected to be the same as the current iPhone 5.

The report continues to say the iPhone 5S could be joined by a new, cheaper iPhone from Apple, which would abandon the metal chassis of the iPhone 5 for one made of plastic. It would use the same 4-inch Retina display. 8 megapixel camera and A6 chip, but the device would be thicker and heavier than before. This could put the unlocked price around $400 (£260), just a shade more than a Nexus 4.

While it’s all rumour at the moment, the analyst states we could see the introduction of the iPhone 5 in June, but doesn’t say if the cheap iPhone 5 will also make its debut at the same time.

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