Weekly Web Highlight: Jim’ll Paint It


Creating this feature each week does often lend itself to stumbling upon the sublime, ridiculous, and downright bizarre. The latter two adjectives in that list definitely apply to the corner of the internet we’ve unearthed for this Sunday’s Weekly Web HighlightLadies and gentlemen, we give you Jim’ll Paint It.

An amusingly odd-ball Tumblr blog  by the enigmatic Jim (we’ll assume that’s the name of the person behind this peculiar site), Jim’ll Paint It showcases the artistic endeavours of its eponymous creator. But this is no regular art site, there’s a twist; all the ‘paintings’ are created in MS Paint and are done so at the behest of followers who leave requests. Oh yes, it’s also worth mentioning that the majority of these requests are quite frankly absurd.

The resulting artworks are astounding, not only due to the level of detail their creator has managed to instill in each one using the most basic of graphics software packages, but also because of Jim’s ability to paint pretty much anything anyone asks for. No matter how outlandish.

Particular stand-out works include the scarily realistic reproduction of former snooker player and co-host of nineties gameshow Big Break, John Virgo, recreating the Sgt Elias death scene from the film Platoon whilst host Jim Davidson looks on disapprovingly. Yes, somebody actually asked for that.

The deftly crafted pieces are many and varied with most depicting pop culture figures in a series of increasingly surreal situations, all scarily accurate, and all never failing to raise a quizzical smile.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Reeves and Mortimer, The Mighty Boosh, or even subversive street artist Banksy, or just like guffawing at willfully odd paintings done using an outmoded Microsoft program, make Jim’ll Paint It your first port of call. Better still, see if you can get ‘Jim’ to do one of yours.

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