Weekly Web Highlight: Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make our day, so when we stumbled across this simple yet satisfying tumblr site we had no hesitation in making it our latest Weekly Web Highlight.

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things sees totally unrelated objects perfectly nestled inside of each other. The unlikely connection of two completely different things is a hugely reassuring feat in this otherwise complicated and chaotic web-based world.

Although the site is still pretty new, its daily posts dedicated to showcasing the miraculous act of pairing strange objects together, purely because their dimensions allow, are proving to be a huge hit.

As youngsters many of us undoubtedly spent hours on end trying to fit various shaped blocks into their matching holes, and there was nothing like the relief and sense of achievement when the shapes just fell into place.

This incredible feeling has been captured by Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things, so if you’re mildly obsessive and compulsive about finding order in all aspects of your life this site is most certainly one for you.

And, if you’ve got a desire to fit disparate objects together you can even share your images, animated GIFs and videos simply by hitting the “Submit A Fit” button. Be careful you’re not trying to shove things into electrical outlets or the like though because this certainly wouldn’t be a match made in heaven.

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