Another iOS 6.1 Update Released, This Time Fixing Battery and Exchange Bugs

iPhone 5

Apple hasn’t had much luck with iOS 6.1, having already released a point update at the beginning of the month, as it has been forced to release iOS 6.1.2 to fix some more annoying bugs. While it may not include any new features, the update should be considered essential whether you’ve been having problems or not.

The primary fix in iOS 6.1.2 deals with poor battery life following updating to 6.1.1, with some users complaining of severe battery drop regardless of how much the phone is used. iPhone owners who tried to fix the problem prior to Apple‘s software release, found the issue could have been related to email accounts and Microsoft‘s Exchange using more data than before.

What iOS 6.1.2 doesn’t do is cure the hack which allows someone to bypass the passcode entry screen, as demonstrated in a YouTube video published recently. When Apple was contacted about the problem, the firm told tech site¬†CNET, “We’re aware of this issue and will deliver a fix in a future software update.” Sadly, this isn’t it, so we should expect iOS 6.1.3 in the near future.

The update is available both over-the-air and through iTunes, however there is a considerable difference between the file size and duration of applying the update. For example, on our test iPhone, iOS 6.1.2 over-the-air was 12MB and took less than five minutes to complete. Using iTunes, you get the full 900MB file and must prepare to wait for a good hour or so.

It’s compatible with every iPhone after the 3GS, plus the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4, along with any iPod Touch after the 4th generation model.

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