Nokia to Concentrate on Smartphones at MWC


Remember late last year when we heard Nokia was resuming its tablet project? It seems the company has changed its mind again, at least according to the latest information from Strategy Analytics, where analysts have warned us not to expect the arrival of such a product at Mobile World Congress.

Talk of a tablet from Nokia has been going on for well over a year, and several pieces of information have come directly from Nokia employees, lending the rumours considerable credibility. In December last year, Nokia was reportedly about to restart its tablet project, after putting in hold following the lacklustre reception of Microsoft’s Surface RT machine.

The tablet was expected to also run Window RT, and would feature a 10-inch screen with a dual-core ARM-based processor. Although we’ve never seen the tablet, many thought it probable the tablet would feature a Lumia-style design. A Mobile World Congress launch was indicated.

Strategy Analytics says it has performed, “Extensive channel checks”, and cannot see any mention of a tablet being produced by Nokia. It says the so-called Lumia tablet will therefore not being making an appearance in Barcelona at the end of the month, with Nokia deciding to concentrate on smartphones instead. No possible reason is given for this decision, although Windows RT hasn’t been embraced by the public or other manufacturers, which could have influenced Nokia to give it a little more time before releasing a tablet of its own.

Nokia has scheduled its Mobile World Congress press conference for 9am on 25 February, the first day of the show, where a selection of new Lumia smartphones could be announced including the first to feature a PureView-branded camera.

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