Samsung to Produce High-End Tizen Handset


Samsung is to launch a high-end handset running the Tizen platform before the end of this year, according to one of the firm’s senior figues.

David Eun, executive vice president at Samsung, made the claim in an interview with tech site AllThingsD earlier this week.

Eun says that Samsung will produce a high-end smartphone running the new operating system in Q4 of 2013, meaning that it could be out in time for Christmas.

No further details about the device have been given, but tech site CNET has reported rumours that the new smartphone will be secretly shown to Samsung’s industry partners at Mobile World Congress 2013, which begins on 25 February.

Tizen is a new platform that Samsung is developing in conjunction with chip-maker IntelRumours have already emerged which point towards at least one Tizen handset launching this year, widely believed to be a budget smartphone.

However, Samsung could well have plans to move away from the Android software which has so far powered its most successful devices. If the firm had tighter control over the software its handsets run then it would have a greater chance of generating post-sale revenue via a proprietary app store and in-app purchases.

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