BlackBerry Sees Surge in Loyalty from Users

BlackBerry10 Apps

BlackBerry is enjoying a surge in loyalty amongst its existing users following the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

Figures released by research firm YouGov reveal that 43% of people who currently use a BlackBerry device intend to buy another of the Canadian firm’s handsets within the next six months.

Statistics published in the spring of 2012 suggested that only 18% of BlackBerry users would move to a similar device in the same time period.

With BlackBerry having recently claimed there are still 79 million people using its devices worldwide, this figure could amount to around 33 million sales, with these presumably focussed on the BlackBerry Z10.

If this surge in purchases happened the Z10 would become one of the best selling handsets ever, even breaking records set by the Samsung Galaxy S III last year.

While that figure does seem a little doubtful the research does suggest that the millions of people still using older BlackBerry handsets could be key to the success of the new platform. While BlackBerry 10 is a whole new operating system built from the ground up, unlike its predecessors, many consumers may not view it as such.

Those who have used BlackBerry devices for years could well view the Z10 simply as an exciting new handset from a brand that they know and trust – a major advantage that BlackBerry has over the revamped Windows Phone 8 platform.

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