LG’s Getting Ready to Unwrap a New Series of Phones


LG has posted a teaser picture on its official LG Mobile Facebook page, informing us it’s getting ready to launch some new hardware. The image shows a neatly wrapped present – with a certain degree of Valentine’s Day flair – accompanied by the words, “New series will be unveiled”.

There’s no indication of whether this will happen at Mobile World Congress, but during its CES 2013 event, LG did make it clear there would be some new phones arriving at the Barcelona show. This time last year, we were about to meet the L-Series of fashionable smartphones, so they’re due for an upgrade, and as three were introduced at MWC  2012- the L3, L5 and L7 - they’d certainly qualify as a series.

If the L-Series does get an upgrade, we’re hoping they’ll be joined by at least one high-end smartphone, and news of a UK release for the Optimus G Pro, recently announced for Japan, would be nice too.

But LG isn’t done teasing us yet, as it also says the new phone or phones will arrive with, “An unexpected distinction”. While this doesn’t make all that much sense, we’re going to assume the phones will have some kind of unique feature we don’t expect. As to what that could be, we’ll have to wait until LG decides to tell us.

LG hasn’t confirmed when – or even if – it’ll hold a press conference at Mobile World Congress, but there’s still a few weeks for them to get the information out, as the Barcelona event doesn’t begin until 25 February.

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