BlackBerry CEO: “BlackBerry 10 Sales Beyond Expectations”


The BlackBerry Z10 went on sale in the UK last week, just hours after the global launch event where the firm formerly known as Research in Motion officially revealed the BlackBerry 10 software, along with the Z10 and the Q10 smartphones.

It’s make-or-break for the company as it struggles to regain the market share it has lost to Apple and Google, and according to CEO Thorsten Heins, it’s off to a positive start. Speaking to the Associated Press, Heins said UK sales are, “Beyond expectations,” and noted that the exclusive white edition of the Z10 has already sold out. As for the black edition of the Z10, it’s still available but stocks are running low.

Heins continued, calling the situation, “Encouraging,” but he stopped short of providing an actual sales figure, saying he needed to verify it first. Interestingly, he also claimed to be seeing, “A substantial number of users moving from other platforms to BlackBerry.” Smartphone owners invested in the Android or iOS ecosystem were always going to be a tough crowd to win over, and if Heins statement isn’t an exaggeration, then it’s good news for BlackBerry.

Just because the CEO won’t give a sales estimate for BlackBerry 10, that doesn’t stop analysts from doing so. AllThingsD printed a quote from analysts at Jefferies, where it’s estimated, “At least several hundred thousand units,” have been sold in the UK already. Not bad, but a far cry from the millions we’re used to hearing about when a new Apple iPhone goes on sale.

The UK was the first country to see BB10 hit the shops, but as of today, residents of Canada, China and the United Arab Emirates should all be able to buy the Z10 too. The US is trailing behind due to a strict network testing process, and won’t be getting the Z10 until March.

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