Weekly Web Highlight: Tripadvisaargh


When it comes to picking the perfect holiday most of us are guaranteed to turn to the wonders of the web to ensure we’re making the right choice.

So, for all you Tripadvisor lovers out there, this week’s helping of Weekly Web Highlight is definitely one for you, although all is not quite as it seems.

This hilarious tumblr site goes by the name of Tripadvisaargh; and the play on words here and throughout many of the posts pretty much says it all.

Tripadvisaargh is simply a collection of all those funny, anecdotal, strange and simply bizarre reviews submitted to the Tripadvisor site, and has been developed purely to make light of many a bad situation.

While the site clearly states that the posts are in no way a judgement on the hotels themselves, having read pages of these funny snippets, we know we certainly wouldn’t want to pay most of them a visit.

Here’s a taster of what you can expect: “I wish we hadn’t gone. The meal was ruined by midgets everywhere and we were sitting inside. We even moved tables (nearer the back wall) but we were either followed by them or they were at the table too. We woke up in the morning covered in bites.”

Of course, reviews such as this have been selected for entertainment purposes, and it’s always good to remember everyone is different, so bad feedback can say more about a person’s personality and their expectations than they do about a specific hotel.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, the establishments mentioned are all given a right of reply, so we really don’t see anything wrong with having a good giggle at someone else’s bad holiday.

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