Top Five BlackBerry 10 Apps

BlackBerry10 Apps

BlackBerry 10 launched this week, bringing a whole new platform to the smartphone world that aims to reclaim some of the market share its creator has lost to iOS and Android.

In an event broadcast to a number of cities across the world, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins demonstrated the new software’s capabilities and showed off the BlackBerry Z10, a full touchscreen handset that is very different to the QWERTY-toting BlackBerry devices of the past.

With a whole new OS comes a range of problems, the most pertinent in the case of BlackBerry being the comparative lack of apps available for the platform. Windows Phone 8 has suffered from this, but BlackBerry looked to remedy the situation by working closely with developers to make sure users are not left wanting. Here we take a look at the best apps currently available from the BlackBerry World app store.

5. Flixster

BB10 Flixster

Bringing the enormous resources of movie-rating website Rotten Tomatoes to smartphones, Flixster has performed well on iOS and Android already.  Quite why the app needs a different name to the web-based service that it acts as a front for we’re not so sure, but it certainly does the job as well as its desktop counterpart.

Providing summaries of both user and critic reviews as a percentage, Flixster also gives an overview of film details including cast and production staff info and running times. With an exhaustive library that must include thousands upon thousands of films Flixster is second only to IMDB when it comes to movie information apps, but there’s no sign of the latter on BlackBerry 10 yet. Available from BlackBerry World.

4. The Weather Channel

BB10 Weather

The leading meteorological TV channel brings its services over to the new BlackBerry OS after enjoying huge success on other platforms.

While not as exhaustive in the information it provides, or as attractive to look at as its iOS and Android counterparts, the Weather Channel app on BlackBerry 10 is nevertheless a fantastic resource that shows that big names are getting involved with the platform.

Ad-supported and easy to use, this offers a good alternative to the native BlackBerry weather app. Available from BlackBerry World.

3. TuneIn Radio

BB10 TuneIn

Considered by many to be the best radio-streaming app available on other platforms, TuneIn is a welcome addition to BlackBerry 10. The app connects to almost any online radio station across the world and works over both Wi-Fi and 3G.

Alongside providing access to an enormous variety of stations from any country, TuneIn can also use a device’s location to search for local radio, which is especially useful in getting news and traffic updates. Available from BlackBerry World.


BB10 AnyDo has impressed us before, offering one of the best personal organiser apps that we’ve ever seen. Working across iOS and Android and with a Chrome browser extension too, is as simple as it is brilliant.

The app has an interface that looks like it was designed for Windows Phone and is beautifully minimalist in its presentation of tasks and reminders. Syncing with other devices is seamless and the app’s overall performance is excellent. While BlackBerry 10 certainly has native apps and features like BlackBerry Hub that will benefit business users, could prove to be an excellent addition to the platform. Available from BlackBerry World.

1. The Guardian

BB10 Guardian

Liberal’s favourite, The Guardian, has pulled out all the stops in its support for BlackBerry 10, creating a detailed and attractive app that can rival its counterparts on other platforms.

Accompanying regularly updated top stories and what appears to be the full range of news categories that the paper covers are a raft of photo galleries and video clips. Amazingly, when the app is reduced to a tile on the BlackBerry Z10’s multitasking screen it automatically displays a rotating photo gallery from the top stories section, much like a Live Tile on Windows Phone devices.

Another leading UK broadsheet, The Independent, offers its own BlackBerry 10 app but it is The Guardian that wins outright both for its design and the content it provides. Available from BlackBerry World.

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