Apple Doubles Range-Topping iPad’s Memory to 128GB


Apple has announced a new Retina display-equipped iPad tablet, with one simple, but very important feature change; the top-of-the-range model now has a massive 128GB of internal storage space. The new 128GB iPad replaces the 64GB model as the flagship tablet in Apple’s line-up, and dwarfs just about every other tablet available.

The fourth generation Apple iPad was released late last year, at the same time as the new iPad Mini, which will not benefit from an increase in storage memory at this time. When the fourth generation iPad was announced, many recent buyers were upset due to the tablet coming so soon after the third generation tablet’s release. It’s unlikely the 128GB model will attract such controversy, primarily due to its price.

It’s an Apple product, so no-one is expecting it to be cheap, but anyone considering the new tablet will need some pockets. It’ll be made available in both black and white colour schemes, and as a Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and Cellular model. For the former, you’ll need to have £630 sitting idle, and for the latter an eye-watering £740. Both these prices are around £80 more than the equivalent 64GB model, which sounds like good value, but it’s worth remembering for another £110 or £190 you could have a 64GB or 128GB MacBook Air.

Judging by those quoted in the press release, Apple is aiming the 128GB iPad at the business crowd, specifically those working in design, photography, music and video editing. Anyone interested will be able to buy the new model from February 5 from Apple or selected retail partners in-store and online.

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