Nokia Schedules Press Event for 25 February


HTC may have decided it doesn’t want to be a big part of the Mobile World Congress circus, preferring instead to hold a separate event to launch its new products on 19 February, but Nokia is very much looking forward to this highlight of the mobile phone calendar. So much so, it has scheduled a press conference for 9am on the first day of the show, 25 February.

The invitation is an unusual one, as rather than illustrating it with abstract shapes or a city skyline, it has chosen to show a picture of a woman with a fork. We’re not quite sure of the significance yet (but if BlackBerry wants to get into haircuts, then Nokia can get into kitchenware), nor that of the tagline, which reads, “At home in Barcelona”.

So what can we expect from Nokia this year? Last year it produced one of the stars of the show, the 808 PureView, so there’s a chance we could see a successor to the last Symbian phone to be produced. Rumours have been circulating about a device with the codename EOS, which may be a Windows Phone-powered handset with PureView imaging technology. Nokia has always said it intends to bring PureView to Windows Phone, and while the Lumia 920′s camera is very impressive, it doesn’t carry the PureView name.

In addition to Windows Phone hardware, MWC 2013 could be the launchpad for Nokia’s first Windows RT tablet; a project initially put on hold, although recent rumours have pointed to the production lines being restarted. Windows RT has had a difficult start in life, so a cool, good-looking slate from Nokia could be exactly what Microsoft’s struggling OS needs.

Whatever Nokia has in store for us this year, we’ll know all about it on the morning of 25 February.

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