Weekly Web Highlight: WTF, Evolution?

WTF Evolution

It’s been another busy week but, as always, we found enough time to scour the worldwide web to bring you the latest edition of Weekly Web Highlight.

The website taking this week’s WWH crown is WTF, Evolution?, a site offering ‘helpful’ critiques of some of the weirder aspects of nature.

Honouring the world’s most awkward and weirdly wonderful creations this tumblr site showcases some strange-looking creatures which appear to have defied evolution.

It’s been cropping up around the ecology and evolution blogosphere lately, and despite only launching at the start of this year, the accumulated posts have us crying with laughter.

Images and videos are taken from various sources and each one is given a humorous caption, like the pelican for instance, where the snippet reads: “This pelican looks like a urinal. Go home, evolution, you are drunk.” Or, the unfortunate looking Walrus which sees the site asking evolution “what were you thinking?”

The concept of the site is simple: find a weird looking creature and question the reasons why evolution let it slip through its metaphorical fingers before it had chance to blossom into a beautiful specimen of nature.

Of course, the world would be a very dull place if everything in it was perfect, and despite showcasing some pretty ghastly sights  (and including some ‘choice’ language) WTF, Evolution? certainly had us smiling. Don’t just take our word for it though, check it out for yourself for a guaranteed giggle.

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