Top Five Password Protectors


Electronic data and an online lifestyle demands security, with many people having so many log-in details and passwords that they have trouble remembering them all. The app developer community recognised this problem long ago and there are plentiful options for keeping all of your passwords safely locked up inside your mobile device.

While many of these apps have similar basic features there are some imaginative extras that developers have squeezed in. If security is your priority or you simply find yourself being a little forgetful sometimes, here are five of the best password protectors available.

5. Safe Password


A straightforward app which does many of the basics of password protection, Safe Password keeps all your important details locked up. The app has an auto-launch feature that allows you to open and log into websites with one tap and templates for many major sites are supported.

Along with this there is a handy feature that allows you to store secret notes within the app. Data can also be backed up to a desktop computer and retrieved should you ever lose your phone. Available for iOS.

4. SecureSafe


Along with passwords, SecureSafe can hold other secure information such as PINs and credit card details. Files can also be securely saved within the app, although they have to be loaded through its browser-based counterpart.

As indicated by the presence of an online version, SecureSafe saves its data to the cloud so that it can be accessed from a number of devices. There’s also an interesting ‘data inheritance’ feature which means your information can be passed on to someone else should anything happen to you. Available for iOS and Android.

3. aWallet


aWallet has a very simple and well-designed interface which separates all of your log in details into categories to make them easy to find. Like many of the apps here, it automatically locks when it is running in the background, although this function can be turned off for quick access.

Rather usefully, aWallet allows a user to export data from the app to a .csv file for reading outside of the app itself. Available for Android.

2. LastPass


The mobile version of the successful desktop application, Last Pass is comprehensive and is clearly the result of years of development.

With extra features such as a password generator the app is definitely user-focussed. There is also a well though-out function which allows you to automatically access non-mobile version of websites through the auto-launch feature. Available for iOSAndroid and Windows Phone.

1. Keeper


Keeper has what its developers boast is ‘military-grade’ encryption, keeping all your details safe and secure. With a built-in password generator similar to that seen in LastPass, the app is fully equipped for the safe keeping of security credentials.

There are auto-launch functions which allow you to log into websites directly from the app, and a self-destruct feature which will erase all the data held if someone puts in the wrong password more than five times.

A free version is available, and a paid-version allows you to back your data up online. Keeper has a great interface that is easy to use and several interesting functions along with performing the basics very well. Available for iOS and Android.

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