Top Five Document Viewers


Smartphones have taken over the business world and there are now countless apps designed for note-taking, organisation and email available. Commonplace on the desktops of meeting rooms the world over, they are now often indispensable tools in the workplace.

However, one area where they can sometimes be a little underwhelming is document viewing, with large pages of text and numbers often not rendering well on a small display. Tablets certainly perform well in this field, but there are several smartphone apps which offer a way of carrying large documents in your pocket. Here we take a look at five of the best.

5. Readdle Docs


Supporting all maner of document types such as PDFs, Word and Excel files, Readdle Docs has an easy to use interface which allows the editing and adaptation of files.

Along with a built-in browser which allows users to save online documents, the app also syncs with Dropbox and Google DriveDocuments can also be emailed to the app and from it to other people, making editing and sharing on the move particularly easy. Available for iOS.

4. GoodReader


Focussing on PDF and TXT files, GoodReader offers both reading and annotation functions. Syncing with Dropbox, SugarSync and Google Drive is also included, making the app a good front-end for other services that improve storage capacity.

Along with text editing, GoodReader has a handy feature that allows users to draw on top of a document and the app is even capable of playing some audio and video files stored within documents. Available for iOS.

3. Pages


The most expensive app on this list, Apple’s own Pages is a fantastic-looking word processor that forms a part of the tech giant’s mobile answer to Microsoft’s Office suite.

Pages’ interface is built around the iCloud storage service but has limited integration with Dropbox and can import files from email. A powerful tool for creating or editing documents, editing text and adding embellishments such as graphs and charts. Available for iOS.

2. Documents


Documents is a brilliant, free app for viewing PDFs, text files and images. As with many other apps on this list, it works in conjunction with the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive as a front-end viewer that stores its files elsewhere.

While limited in its editing functions and supported by adverts, Documents earns its place by virtue of its free service which is perfect for the occasional user who doesn’t want to splash out on a premium app that they may rarely use. Available for iOS.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive

The Google Docs suite has now been folded into the search giant’s cloud storage service, with storage, viewing and editing all done through one app.

A wide variety of file formats are supported with native Android apps being used to open those which Google Drive can’t. Files can be favourited in a feature that is reminiscent of the way emails are organised in Gmail, and it’s easy to share them with other users.

Impressively, exporting documents from Dropbox is hassle-free, with an option to do so included in the app’s ‘upload’ menu. Google Drive offers a comprehensive method of storing, transferring and editing documents on a mobile device that is considerably less expensive than other solutions. Available for iOS and Android.

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