Weekly Web Highlight: Gizoogle


After overdoing it during the festive season we’re all still suffering with the post-Christmas blues, but thanks to Gizoogle we instantly felt much better and as such decided to crown it this week’s Weekly Web Highlight.

The concept of Gizoogle is simple, you enter a web address or term into the search bar (as you would on Google), tap the “Gizoogle Dis Shiznit” button and the site will then translate the page into gangsta slang.

It’s in no way affiliated with the Google search engine though and instead the parody site, which may look a lot like its straight-laced cousin, takes a leaf out of American rapper Snoop Dogg’s book and  turns everything into gangsta speak.

The site was set up in 2005 as a joke after creator John Beatty was inspired by a friend’s love for American slang and his own personal inspiration taken from Snoop’s Doggy Fizzle Televizzle show on MTV. As such, all of the translations used in the algorithm have been quoted from Snoop Dogg himself.

The joy of the site is that you never know what results it will return for your search query – you could type in the most non-gangsta thing you can think of and it will somehow manage to spit out an ample offering of expletives. If you haven’t already guessed, this site is only suitable for adults.

Despite some initial teething problems, undergoing an address change and not always been fully functional, Gizoogle has finally been restored to its former glory, and we suggest you check out. Fo shizzle.

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